Terms of Service

When you have decided to inquire our very reliable research topic help, it means that you have considered that we have a few terms. By doing so, this is to mean that you will have accepted to abide by all the terms and conditions of our services. These terms are not in any way a method of intimidating clients, but rather an outline of how the processes in our firm take place. Every organization or business must abide by certain rules and regulations since a place where there is no governance cannot be orderly. To ensure that you effectively work with us, below are the terms and conditions to consider.

  • Our services

We are a help provider whose biggest priority is to meet the client’s demands, thus you can confidently visit us with the assurance that the challenges you are facing with creating a research topic shall be solved. We have experts that are very familiar with all aspects of a research topic creation, who have been fully prepared right from recruitment. We provide the best and professional help, which you should be 100% guaranteed of receiving.

  • Order placement and inquiries

Before you can place an order or make any inquiries, the first thing is to provide the necessary personal information. There is no need to worry about the safety and privacy of the information you entrust to us, given that we have the best security measures that we have put in place to ensure that there are no third parties getting access to your information.

  • Charged rates

Once you have placed an order and paid up for our service, the money is saved up and kept under maximum observation whilst your work is being done. Since we aren’t necessarily after financial gains, the money you deposit shall only be deposited into our accounts once you have expressed your satisfaction with our services. This gives you the guarantee that you are working with a reliable team of experts.

  • Service delivery and time limit

When your order has been completed, you will be provided with an email constituting your order and details of all the processes done. This will be done before the deadline you’ve given elapses, thus providing you with enough time to look into your work for possible reviews.

  • Rejection of a placed order

The client is considered to have an upper hand when it comes to service provision, the reason why you are given enough time to review your work and raise complaints if need be. It’s necessary to note that you need very solid reasons to do so, and in case you alter the original content we are not in a position to revise your work.

  • Free Revision Policy

We provide free work revisions for one month after work submission.  However the first or primary instructions should not change but all review instructions must be within the previously provided ones and within the one month window. Any review inquiry above these conditions is subject to a variance payment necessary to compensate the expert(s) handling the respective work.   

  • Refund policy

This applies both to the client and ourselves since we have the right to refuse your order and refund your money in case you misuse our resources or skills. More so, the client may ask for a refund in case the errors that were done can’t be corrected, or better still if the work is done completely out of the topic.  This, however, rarely happens. You may request a refund if the work sold has significant grammar or spelling errors, or clearly covers a different subject from the work ordered in the initial instructions and description. Otherwise all sales are final."

  • Maximum guarantee of privacy

We know that you placed an order on your own, and therefore the information we have belongs to you and you alone. We exercise maximum caution.

Note that; once you place an order, it gives us the impression that you have read and agreed to every term and condition governing our service provision.