looking for free research topicsIt is important to have a great research idea that is both relevant, and helpful to others, and also crucial at the time. It is therefore key to ensure that the topic you choose to represent the study does not become a barrier that distracts your potential readers, distorts your research process, or lacks direction and coherence.

You may even need your work to qualify for journal publication for use as a future reference by others, this would only happen when you plan your process right.

This only happens if...

  • You have a sound and relevant research topic.
  • Your topic focuses on issues that are affecting most people.
  • You use materials that are credible in your research work.
  • You base your research on issues that are current and trending.

We provide free guidelines on how to develop a relevant and great research topic freely. We also can be paid a small fee to develop the best topics and ideas that your research work deserves.

Which is the Best way to Search for Books on a Given Topic

sample dissertation topics onlineOnce you have chosen a topic for your research, the next step is to gather information and research materials related to your topic. At this point, it is easy to start second-guessing your topic and even think about changing it, especially if you are not able to find or access the relevant research. However, we have got you covered. 

Here is a list of some library tools that can help you explore your topic.

  • Use Library Web Sites for Library sources
  • Search for books through Library Catalog Search. Work published by University Press is usually highly reliable...
  • Use Library Articles Search to find articles related to your research. Search for the article abstracts to establish some keywords and synonyms for words that will better your search results 
  • You could also conduct some initial research in Google Scholar or even library databases, to have a rough idea of the sources available for your topic or research area.

Nevertheless, having a reliable search strategy will make the search faster and ensure relevant results. Below are a few search strategy techniques that will make your work easier.

  • Using an asterisk ‘*’, at the end of a word will provide search results for everything that begins with the word
  • Use quotation marks around phrases, when searching for a group of words
  • Alter the search by using synonyms for some of the words in your topic or research to increase the pool of your search findings.
  • Use a question mark ‘?’ within a word to include search results for multiple spellings. An example is m?n will provide results for both man and men.
  • Use boolean operators such as and, not, and or to narrow the focus of your search. 

Need Research Materials Gathering, Topic & Project Titles Help?

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