How to defend a research projectDissertations and theses are types of research assignments students in learning institutions encounter before they graduate. They are required to carry out the dissertation or thesis research projects and present their findings. The climax of the process is where a scholar fruitfully defends a thesis research topic. You are supposed to defend it in front of your supervisor and the thesis committee. Before you can defend your research project topic, it is essential to rehearse and be aware of what the committee expects from you on that day by asking for guidance from your supervisor. You can also discuss your work with other people who have done it before to help you prepare. Before defending the research topic for your dissertation, ensure that all the committee members have a copy of your work. Prepare early so that you can be ready before the day scheduled for the presentation. Observe the following while defending your research project topic;

  • Start by stating your research question and explain why it was essential to carry it out.
  • Describe research methods used in obtaining the results and findings.
  • Explain the positive contributions of your research to society and the field of study.
  • Summarize the conclusions you made and give your recommendations for future research.

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✔ Ensure that you prepare accordingly and practice your research topic presentation. If you are supposed to give a presentation, make sure you prepare yourself accordingly. For example, you cannot create 110 slides for a 20-minute presentation or create 15 slides for a one-hour presentation.

✔ You need to understand the core content of your dissertation topic. You must understand the core content of your dissertation topic to be on the safe side in case the examiners ask you questions. Familiarize yourself and stick to materials that you understand completely since that is your dissertation defense battleground.

✔ Deal with nervousness when defending your research project topic. Scholars get an adrenaline rush that sets their hearts racing, leaving them with sweaty palms. Even the urge for visiting toilets increases before the defense starts. Once your topic defense time starts, make sure you do something to keep your nervous energy under control.

✔ Always slow down when defending your research project topic. When defending a dissertation project topic, try to slow down, giving yourself adequate time for breathing. Remember the question slowly and do not rush while coming back to your point. Stop talking after you have answered. Talking fast and for a long time makes one become more nervous.

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