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  • Studying the effectiveness of using fruit peels to manufacture ethanol
  • Investigating the impact of communication in surgery
  • Studying the role of nurses in pain management
  • Exploring the drying properties of bananas
  • Evaluation of the childcare program in managing illness

Guidelines for Creating a Good Capstone Project Topic

A capstone project is a hands-on project that allows a scholar to apply what he or she has learned in specialization to a practical question related to the topic of specialization. It usually takes two semesters. The capstone project is a valuable experience that gives students an opportunity to showcase their research, analytical and writing skills either to a potential employer or a professional school. It is similar to a college thesis but most are long-term investigative projects that climax with a presentation or performance. Also, while the thesis is completed as part of a research-based Master’s degree, the Capstone project is completed as part of a course-based Master’s degree. The first step of capstone experience is choosing a topic. Writing a comprehensive paper begins by choosing an exceptional topic for your capstone project

Select a topic that is within your area of study. Your supervisor expects you to find a research topic idea that is related to your area of study. When selecting a topic, make sure it is aligned with your study.

Choose a research topic idea of your choice. As a scholar, you should select an idea of your interest. The research and writing of a project become more enjoyable when writing about something you are interested in.

Select a project topic that is feasible. The topic for your research project should be achievable within the set deadline and also within your financial capacity

Read and narrow your research ideasNow that you have broad ideas, review the latest research and other sources talking about the topic. Identify one topic that you will further develop a question to research on.

Experts that can Formulate an Effective Research Idea

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