How to balance a topic through the entire written paperIt is not easy for scholars to balance topics all through the entire written papers. Balancing the content of a written paper with the topic may seem like a simple task, but it is not. Many scholars end up losing focus and writing off-topic and rambling content which does not relate to their subject matter. Even though writing research and academic papers require a lot of time, endurance, resources, motivation, and hard work, it is very important for the writers to maintain the focus on their topics. 

  • Ensure that you state the topic in the topic sentence introducing the paragraphsTopic sentences tell the reader about the incoming paragraph. They usually include the main idea of your research. These sentences will help you balance your topic on the entire body of your written paper.
  • Writing the topic in the purpose statement will make it balanced in the entire paper. The purpose statement is a summary that tells the reader about your writing. It contains a statement of what you want to prove meaning that the whole paper should explain the thesis statement. When writing, you should include the topic of your research.
  • When writing the conclusion, state the topic that your paper has addressedThe conclusion serves as the right place where you tell whether your research question has been answered in the entire research. You should restate the topic of your research; whether it was achievable and its importance. This helps to spread the topic well. 

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