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Guidelines on Writing a Thesis Topic on Media and Communication

Media Ethics and Principles: Is Censorship protecting Children from Exposure to Offensive Content?

The research paper will examine the role that censorship of programs on television plays in ensuring that children are not corrupted morally or exposed to violence. This research will assess the extent to which censorship can protect children from being exposed to offensive media content. We have professional media &communication thesis topic writers that can assist you to effectively create your research topic.

An Analysis of the Impact of Soap Opera and Reality TV Shows on the Relationships between Couples

This study will investigate how TV programs that are usually based on fantasies have affected actual relationships between couples. Following this research, it will be determined whether those who watch fantasized love shows have their relationships as couples more destabilized than those who do not watch the shows/programs.

A Study on the Roles of Social Networks in Marketing and Advertising of Products by Companies

The aim of the study will be to discuss how social networks that were originally meant for communication have been transformed into advertising platforms by businesses to a great effect. Recommendations on how marketers can maximize using social networks for advertisement will, thereafter, be given. Write to us “I need writers to help with a communication research topic” if you need experts to assist you to write about your topic.

A Comparative Analysis of the Traditional Forms of Communication against Social Networking: Which is more Persuasive?

The research paper will compare and contrast the traditional forms of communication and the current social networking trends, and establish the more appropriate approach based on merit. The research will not be lenient as not to point out some of the traditional forms of communication that can still be persuasive in the current world.

An Investigation of the Role of Media in the War Against Terrorism in the Middle-East and the Rest of the World

The objective of this research paper will be to investigate and establish the contribution of the media in the fight against terror, in but not limited to the Middle East. The strategies/ways which are employed through the social media to criticize terrorist activities will be pointed out. We are in a position to offer you the best media &communication thesis topic writing services because all our assistants are professionals.

TV Media has become a Puppet in the Hands of Political Parties: Why do Media Fail to Cover Incidents without Bias?

The dissertation will discuss why the media has lost its moral standing by propagating propaganda from politicians instead of advocating for better leadership. As such, the study will aim at unveiling the reasons behind media being easily manipulated by politicians for their selfish gains.

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