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Suitable Topics for an M.A. Dissertation in Community Development

✔ Effects of Cultural practices and Knowledge systems on community development

The study will examine how cultural practices within a community affect community development. In addition, the researcher will examine the impact of knowledge systems within a community on development.  The research will also recommend the best ways to employ cultural practices and knowledge systems in promoting community development. 

✔ Gender responsibilities in community development

In many societal settings, different genders are assigned different roles. These roles are also assigned based on age and the strength of individuals within the community. This research will assess the role of shared gender responsibilities toward community development.

✔ Effects of technology on indigenous community development

Indigenous communities engage in traditional methods of doing things. This study will focus on changes that indigenous communities go through with the introduction of technology, how they adapt to such changes and their influence on community development. 

✔ Impact of religion and socio-economic differences on community development: A Case study.

There are many religious practices all over the world and with the freedom of worship; people within a community choose the religion that suits them. Some communities have different religious beliefs as well as socioeconomic statuses. This study will assess the impact that those differences have on the growth of a community.

✔ Understanding the differences between urban and rural community development

Urban and rural community settings do not have equal opportunities in terms of resources, technology, and knowledge. This study will compare the two community settings and how the differences in the two communities present an opportunity for them to grow together. Request help with a dissertation topic in MA community development from our firm and you will get credible services.

✔ The interrelations between community development and availability of health services

This study will use multiple case studies to gather data from two communities. The study will examine the differences in community development based on the availability of healthcare services. It will, therefore, be determined whether better health services lead to better community development and vice versa.

With a Feasible Topic, you will Complete your Project on Time

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