Things to do after a dissertation topic is rejectedA dissertation is one of the projects you have to encounter before you graduate. Coming up with a complete project can take quite some time. At the start, you are required to come up with the best topic for your dissertation. Before approval of your research topic, you have to prove to your supervisor and the committee that it is worth taking that research; it is manageable within the set time frame. That is done by writing a proposal defending why you want to carry out analysis on that topic. If not successful, you may want to know what to do when your project topic is rejected.

  • Appeal the rejection of your dissertation topicIf you feel that your supervisor is unjustified or wrong and if you have confidence in your topic or if you have consulted other professors and they have told you that your topic is okay, you can ask for the reconsideration of your topic.
  • Ask your dissertation supervisor for more explanationIt is advisable to ask for explanations from your supervisor if he or she rejected your topic without giving any reasons. However, many supervisors will not tell you that they are supervising another scholar whose topic is similar to yours.
  • Choose another dissertation topic and start againSince you have your supervisors’ comments about your topic's weaknesses, it will be easy for you to choose another topic. This should be among the first steps that you should consider if your project topic is rejected before you begin writing your paper.
  • Request your department to change your dissertation supervisorIf you have tried to consult your supervisor and he or she has refused to assist you, only to reject your topic after you have submitted your proposal or first chapter, you should ask those in charge to change your supervisor, because if he or she can’t help you choose a topic, it will be impossible to help you write the dissertation.

Why will a Dissertation Research Topic be Rejected?

The very time you decided to choose your topic, you do not bargain for rejection. You need to bring your art together and decide what to do after your topic is rejected. Even though your topic has been rejected, you still need to find a way to create a good topic and commence on your dissertation. It is not very suitable to choose another topic, without first appealing the rejection of your topic. That is by asking for more explanations, as to why your dissertation topic has been rejected. You may also need to ask for a change when it comes to your supervisor, to be provided with better guidance when it comes to choosing a good topic. Sometimes the topic you are planning to research on can be rejected by your supervisor forcing you to modify it or look for a new one. Several instances can give a reason for the rejection of a dissertation topic

  • When it is evident that the subject cannot make a significant contribution to society.
  • If the topic might be more complex and unachievable before the set deadlines.
  • If there are not enough tools to collect and analyze the data locally.
  • When the research to be conducted, prove to cause psychological harm to plants and animals around.
  • When the topic has not met all the requirements of one's area of study.
  • If there is no evidence that you have the right skills to complete the research project

Assistance with Creating a Manageable Dissertation Topic

Creating a manageable topic ideaYour selected topic is the foundation of your entire research. If you chose a wrong topic it will mess up your entire project. You should consult your supervisor first for guidance before you formulate a dissertation topic. He or she will tell you which topic you should write on. Failure to consult first may result in the rejection of your chosen dissertation topic. If your topic is rejected after you had already started writing your dissertation, it will affect you so much because you will need to write again from scratch. Since time is moving and the submission deadline is approaching, you may end up writing a poor-quality dissertation because of rushing which will eventually affect your final grades. On the other hand, consulting assistance with generating an effective project topic, you will not be affected that much because you will have enough time to select another topic. The primary and significant step to do is, however, to choose another topic and start all over again. This time, you should involve the assistance of experts, and that’s where we come in. We can offer tips on what to do after a topic has been rejected, without overcharging you. More so, we are a very professional team of experts who can work within any deadline and still provide first-class assistance. It’s necessary to know how to write a suitable dissertation topic, which will not end up being rejected. Since a dissertation is a project that will provide for a very significant part of your academic performance, the topic you are writing on has to be approved by the committee.

Need Help on What to Do When a Research Idea is Disapproved?

Are you wondering about the guidelines to follow if the topic for your project is disapproved? We are a firm that offers topic development and revision help to scholars. We will help you come up with a new successful topic or restructure your first one to make it reasonable. When preparing for your project, there are recommendations that will be given to you. You do not want your topic being rejected, so it will be necessary to follow them this time. You can choose to modify the topic you had earlier or develop a new one. Either way, you should consider the time left for submission. It can be painful seeing the subject you had struggled to come up with rejected at the end which will force you to go back to the drawing board. You can consult professional help on how to redo a dissertation topic. At first, it is essential to take into consideration your interests and the research skills you have. Interests will help you choose a topic you are passionate about and which you will be excited to research and write about. At Research Topic Help, we are committed to ensuring that you choose a topic you can manage taking to account the time left and also the resources available to support your estimated results and findings. That will, in turn, prevent choosing a complex subject. An expert will assist you to carry out an extensive topic analysis which will also help you know if there is previous research that had been carried out before. Our professional will help you come up with various draft topics. From this, you will be able to choose the one that is relevant and achievable to enable you to complete the dissertation on time besides the previous setback. Consulting your supervisor is a significant step to take when your project topic is rejected. He or she will guide you in realizing what was wrong in the first topic and help you develop a successful one.